We have all had that dismal experience with the grocery store birthday cakes and their mass produced low quality ingredients.

I am a full time mom of 3 boys and someone who cares deeply about their health and the quality of their food. I have the same goal that you do for yours, to keep them in the best of health for long lives.

As a well known Home Made cake and cookie baker I recently decided to do something different and bake my own decorated cake for my son’s birthday. The feedback I received regarding the cake was so positive that from that point forward friends and family began to demand my baked goods for their own parties and special events.
I took it a step forward and was trained by a great professional cake decorator.

I believe that the important people in your life also deserve the same quality, finished design and beautiful appearance that my children and friends are receiving. They always enjoy my top quality Home Made cakes and other pastries.

Each cake that I offer will be made with the same care and effort as I put forth for my own loved ones.

Thank you for trying my product……

High Quality Decorated Cakes

Moriah Lavi
C: 408.307.3299